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Express Services

Trust Yol Consolidates all you purchase and does excellent packing that is suitable to ship them to your country and also does the custom clearance and delivers it to your home. Logistics in E-commerce will become an increasing focus for online activities. New delivery demands and calls for new transport and delivery business models have been developing. At TRUST YOL we support your Logistics in E-commerce (Small packages)

  1. Consolidation:

    Product receiving, storage, Order consolidation for better shipping price.

  2. Packaging:

    ensure all your packaging needs are addressed especially the critical goods which its need special standards of packaging.

  3. Forwarding:

    Working with all top Express shipping lines, also Loading from Istanbul daily for Express shipments.

  4. Payment control:

    Paying the right amount, at the right time, is the key to success.

  5. Inspection:

    minimizing risk and ensures seamless delivery.

  6. Account Manager:

    Manage all movement and get excellent customer services.